Monday, April 22, 2019

'the more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'

-the Infant Jesus of Prague
(<- Czech Republic, next to Russia)

The Way to Seventh-Heaven:
1) love God Almighty [Trinity]
2) love everyone else [charity]
[Romans 10:10]

Why do we neeeed all these
cars, clothes, cash, condumbs,
calumny to co-exist in a coffin
under the confines of conformity?

FIRST: we're mortal.
SECOND: we'll perish.
THIRD: we gotta stand
in fronta Jesus someday...
and I myself want in;
outside is for loserz
who preach ABORTION,
cool when they know d'Troof:

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

wanna PEACE of Me? sez Jesus.
Hang-on, child;
this lifelong demise
gets pretty rough...

Would U please help a plethora of King Size, wildchild, raw!kuss wurdz which are lookin 4 a home in thy novelty?? Thx. Whew. They're pretty insane, they're bereft of reason, they're the leftover fragments-of-futility in the frigge, stunningly studded with far-out-mold.

Gotta lotta gobba shrewd, surreal, supersonic, subtle slew of sardonic satires, sassy N savvy elixers N electronic elegance on our YOUTHwitheTRUTH blogs. Wannum? Have'm. N'joy'm, miss coffee. Egad! Gett'm outta my hair!!!

How mucha wanna betcha our irrational, industrial, hot-shot, fuse-blowin-exploits R a copious madhouse of one, lavish bookay? Our proFUSE NRGod who leads U.S. to explosive fairy-tales in the 'one-stop-shop' symphony Upstairs? God's the BigDude, the Owner of ElysianFields, the Grand Prize, the Austere Overdrive, NoPurchaseNecessary: our bombastic tenaCITY on a Hill which'll plant the Seeds 4u2 grow-up to new N greater heights!! Mama mia! Thatsa good pasta!!

CAUTION: our 22ish, avant-guard, accurately-atrocious, metal-breadcrumm-fabulishousishness R so bloody out-of-order, toots, they're an intimate wealth of bottomless sophistication. Shhh... but dat juss da fak, Jak. Go ahead. Sue me. Yawn. But, yet, here's the perennial, childlike KOOKOO D'TAH: who else has actually SEEN the Great Beyond in spirit & lived to tella youse bout the bionic, bloated, brevity-like-earth we're living on?? Yes, earthling, I'm a NDE: gain altitude, never attitude: death has no favorites.

However, howja like to RITE 999+
nonillion, indelible,
bombastic, legendary,
novels in Seventh-Heaven with
'moi, aussi, s'il-vous plait' in a
quaint, King-Size-Library that has
alla the explosive, exhilarating
exploration AND! expectation?
Exquisite, exponentially explicit?
withe wildchild, goofy extras
at break-neck-speed for the
length, breadth, width of exquisite,
Life-Size E T E R N I T Y ...??

What's more: sHe's an ultra-great-reward, and not everyone enters the Wedding Feast, Q: why is it an excruciating deluge of epic-.357-caliber where the quality's a limitless bulldozer plowin, pushin-your-power-cord with eternal goodies? A: the Prize-A+-TheEnd just gives U.S. moe-curly-graphix 2 VitSee: an explosion-of-extravagance which few R asking 4 anymore! Grrr. They're too concerned withe grotesque sanity of ambivilant, whorizontal piss-ants which swiftly crawl like lemmings to their scorecard destruction. C'est la guerre.

So, break-free, earthling; be like a contraversial outgrowth of incredibly-intoxicating-effusiveness in your zeitgeist of Divine Deviation: wiseabove. Wanna join this useFULL idiot Upstairs 4 the most zany, kooky, X-acto-knife antidotes? Extremely exquisite, explicit endorphins in abundance? Puh-lenty of pulverizingly-tantalizing psychopathic psychosomatics with eXtras? i2i-kick-velocity's-ass-ultra-maximum-rocket-fuel-party-hardy at my pad ya ever encountered without d'New Joisey accent 4 an eternal slew of precarious, magnanimous & primeval absurdities indelibly etched in the granite corridors of eternity with a total-barrage-of-crazy-good, melt-in-thy-mouth 'depth-of-undenial'???

...cuzz nobody gitts outta here alive, earthling

PS: Lemme tella youse summore
without d'New Joisey accent, kapiche?

(Latin: words to the wise)

AXIOM: Almighty God tells the Truth.
AXIOM: filthy ol Lucifer LIES like a rug.
Make Your Choice -SAW

<- Know Y I influenced that filthy flik 2b flimed?
sez Jesus. Choose, children. You all have a choice.
'Dominus Vobiscum' - if you dont know Latin,
sez Jesus, that means 'peace be with you'

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

God Almighty made U.S.
Doesnt matter if you're atheist.
God's not, neither is the LIAR
who LIES like a Persian rug
telling U.S. he doesnt exist:


Most atheists are quite intelligent, too,
though very ignorant without a NDE;
thus, when Almighty God created U.S.
sHe formed each one of the
human race to be INDELIBLE:

So I'd be saving souls NOW
before the Rapture by directing
them to our worthless URLs
which are the catalyst
for dunno how many: