Monday, April 22, 2019

Secret of Ascension?
Take the Red Pill:

(When I 'died' in '85
[Google: 'NDE stories'],
I ascended, actually saw 
Seventh-Heaven's huge castle
yet wasnt allowed in. Grrr.
God was XXX-tremely nice
to this poor, mortal sinner:
you know XXX-actly what I
did with my spare time...)

'the more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
 -the Infant Jesus of Prague,
  Czech Republic
The Way to Seventh-Heaven:
1) love God Almighty [Trinity];
2) love! everyone! else!
   platonically [charity]

A lotta youse still dont know
what that means exactly - a 
lotta peepow 'say' just that:
Oh, yeah! I love God!!!
and go on risking their lives,
never connecting the dots.
We cannot be fence sitters:
no sex before marriage.
(which is simply repulsive:
the anus is for pooping only)
No! bloody! abortion!!!
Solution? Dont spread'm.
Q: why do I say what we all
have come to believe is
normal activity now??
A: we DO NOT
believe as a nation now
anything is wrong withat...
till we croak. So, hmmm, why
not warn'm before and
save summore! souls??

Q: how do you get
God into your heart
Who'll bless your-socks-off
and influence U.S. to
think about our eternity
rather than the whorizontal
which's vibrantly temporal?
A: kneel at the side
of your bed at night
(or whenever)
and ask Jesus.
Yes, it's that easy.
God bless you.

   ...besides, peepow, unless
   you're married to ONE man+
   ONE woman, true as the north
   star, Jesus is soon coming
   back so it wouldnt be a very
   wise ideato put condumb NOW.
   Why? Follow our logic:
FIRST: we're mortals.
SECOND: we'll perish.
THIRD: we gotta stand in fronta
Jesus someday who'll tella youse
'Your finite existence? Is over.
Done. Kaput. Whot YOU yourself
have accomplished on earth will
be judged. Ready?' (wearing a
condumb is also a mortal sin:
it blocks your semen at times
from making her pregnant, letting
YOU be the sole god and judge)
See TroubledYouth for
more info, miss...
Almighty God tells the Truth;
filthy, ol Lucifer
LIES, LIES, LIES like a rug.
Make Your Choice -SAW
-> Not one soul will perish
who puts their trust in Me <-

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Would U puh-leeze help a plethora of King Size, wildchild, raw!kuss wurdz which are lookin 4 a home in thy novelty?? Thx. Whew. They're pretty insane, they're bereft of reason, they're the leftover fragments-of-futility in the frigge, stunningly studded with far-out-mold.

Gotta lotta gobba shrewd, surreal, supersonic, subtle slew of sardonic satires, sassy N savvy elixers N electronic elegance on our YOUTHwitheTRUTH blogs. Wannum? Have'm. N'joy'm, miss coffee. Egad! Gett'm outta my hair!!!

How mucha wanna betcha our irrational, industrial, hot-shot, fuse-blowin-exploits R a copious madhouse of one, lavish bookay? Our proFUSE NRGod who leads U.S. to explosive fairy-tales in the 'one-stop-shop' symphony Upstairs? God's the BigDude, the Owner of ElysianFields, the Grand Prize, the Austere Overdrive, NoPurchaseNecessary: our bombastic tenaCITY on a Hill which'll plant the Seeds 4u2 grow-up to new N greater heights!! Mama mia! Thatsa good pasta!!

CAUTION: our 22ish, avant-guard, accurately-atrocious, metal-breadcrumm-fabulishousishness R so bloody out-of-order, toots, they're an intimate wealth of bottomless sophistication. Shhh... but dat juss da fak, Jak. Go ahead. Sue me. Yawn. But, yet, here's the perennial, childlike KOOKOO D'TAH: who else has actually SEEN the Great Beyond in spirit & lived to tella youse bout the bionic, bloated, brevity-like-earth we're living on?? Yes, earthling, I'm a NDE: gain altitude, never attitude: death has no favorites.

However, howja like to RITE 999+ nonillion, indelible, illustrious,

incisive, bombastic, legendary, sheer-psycadelic-maaadness
novels in Seventh-Heaven with moi in a
quaint, King-Size-Library that has
alla the explosive, exhilarating
exploration AND! expectation?
Exquisite, exponentially explicit?
withe wildchild, goofy extras
at break-neck-speed for the
length, breadth, width of exquisite,
Life-Size E T E R N I T Y, girl ..???
Oh, I miss young girls...
girls like Janet.
Girls, girls, girls
-Motley Kruel

What's more: sHe's an ultra-great-reward, and not everyone enters the Wedding Feast, Q: why is it an excruciating deluge of epic-.357-caliber where the quality's a limitless bulldozer plowin, pushin-your-power-cord with eternal goodies? A: the Prize-A+-TheEnd just gives U.S. moe-curly-graphix 2 VitSee: an explosion-of-extravagance which few R asking 4 anymore! Grrr. They're too concerned withe grotesque sanity of ambivilant, whorizontal piss-ants which swiftly crawl like lemmings to their scorecard destruction. C'est la guerre.

So break-free, earthling; be like a contraversial outgrowth of incredibly-intoxicating-effusiveness in your zeitgeist of Divine Deviation: wiseabove. Wanna join this useFULL idiot Upstairs 4 the most zany, kooky, X-acto-knife antidotes? Extremely exquisite, explicit endorphins in abundance? Puh-lenty of pulverizingly-tantalizing psychopathic psychosomatics with eXtras? i2i-kick-velocity's-ass-ultra-maximum-rocket-fuel-party-hardy at my pad ya ever encountered without d'New Joisey accent 4 an eternal slew of precarious, magnanimous & primeval absurdities indelibly etched in the granite corridors of eternity with a total-barrage-of-crazy-good, melt-in-thy-mouth 'depth-of-undenial'???

Dominus Vobiscum
(Latin: peace BWU)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

No God? No peace.
Know God? Know peace.
I guarantee: you'll die, too.

God Almighty made U.S.
Doesnt matter if you're atheist.
Almighty God aint.
Neither is Satan,
the bloody LIAR,
who LIES like a Persian
rug telling U.S. he doesnt exist.
<- instantaneous,
'hors-d'oeuvre' manure
with a lil oui, oui...
or how, if you're
visually impaired,
that lil pieceOshit'll
tella youse straight
all nice and flowery:


How do we overcome?
'Not one soul will perish
who puts their trust in Me'


Most atheists are quite intelligent, too,
though very ignorant without a NDE
which I myself had during our trauma;
thus, when Almighty God created U.S.
sHe formed each one to be indelible:

I'd be saving souls NOW before the
Rapture which'll happen quite soon
by directing them to our worthless-
45-URLs which are the catalyst for
dunno how many.
<- precisely why God
doesnt allow certain
humans into Heaven
UNLESS they repent.
Do I? Yes! Divine Mercy
prayer at 3pm everyday
(doesnt matter what time -
all that matters is you say
it each day; doesnt matter
if you aint a Roamin' Cat -
Jesus wasnt. We only need
to worship Jesus, nthn else).