Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Chop panacea2peaces:
No God? No peace.
Know God? Know peace.
I totally guarantee:
you will die, too:

God Almighty made U.S.
Doesnt matter if you're a proud
atheist which ends at your demise.
Matthew 6:33
Almighty God aint.
Neither is Satan,
the bloody LIAR
who, like a Persian rug,
lies in wait like a camo tiger
telling U.S. he doesnt exist,
when the left actually does:
murder, propaganda, lies.
<- instantaneous,
'hors-d'oeuvre' manure
with a lil oui, oui.

'The less you seek the
world's favour, the
greater you will become
in the Kingdom of Heaven'

'Not one soul will perish
who puts their trust in Me'


Most atheists are quite intelligent, too,
though very ignorant without a NDE
which I myself had during our trauma;
thus, when Almighty God created U.S.
sHe formed each one to be indelible:

Bill Gates explains why 90% must perish

I'd be saving souls NOW before the
Rapture which'll happen quite soon
by directing them to my worthless-
.45-calibre-URLs which are the catalyst
for dunno how many.
Puh-ray-zuh Gawwd!

<- precisely why God
doesnt allow certain
humans into Heaven
UNLESS they repent.
Do I? Yes! Divine Mercy
prayer at 3pm everyday
(doesnt matter what time -
all that matters is you say
it each day).

'Life you may evade,
but death you shall not'
-T.S. Eliot


God sed One, Fine Day when
the universe was cleanNyoung,
Yo! S'up? I AM!!
I believe I'll make
human beinz and
give'm free will:
'saving souls from
Hellfire should be
your primary objective'
(...which I actually
heard on July 10, 17)

Many won't lissen
to a DudlyDoRight
who spells odd, too:

only for those who wanna save souls:
the 'elite' [= still mortal humanity]
never vaccinate their children. Why?
They're too afraid of side effects...
but, yet, them dumb, useless eaters do!
Shure! they say. We wanna wipeMout!!
(see the 'Georgia Guidestones'):

Guess Im a LOSERRR now:
This is for you, Satan!

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