Friday, March 12, 2021

Heaven is only the Beginning of your eternal Life... Believe in Your Dre...

If you have moolah left each month, doesn’t matter the amount,
YOU! responded with compassion. sHe has centillionsXcentillions
of treasures waiting ...yet this is simply a yawning, mortal number:

Donating shall getcha gobbsa ‘points’ addedto your General
Judgement in favour when you croak: TopekaRescueMission
is totally-worthy-organization which feeds the hungry, clothes
the homeless, provides safety, warm beds, jobs, opportunities
and has a chapel.

->  <-

They have a neon, blue cross outside advertising:
‘JESUS SAVES’ How stoic is the scent: when the
trains coming from ‘Don-Henley/west coast’,
they shall finally VitSee...

Saturday, September 5, 2020


Want Seventh-Heaven?

 1) Love the TRI-nity alone:

~Father, Son, Holy Spirit~

2) Love everyone else must love the unborn, Joe! If you dont and your actions prove it, how can Jesus keep you through your willfull slaughter of innocent, human life? Again, doesnt matter if you're atheist: I'm a NDEr: millions have experienced Heaven/Hellfire. Your choice.




-Jesus (Romans 10:10)


Want the Abyss o'Misery with no

care how YOU let slimy, savvy

satan deceive you??

Do the opposite:

ABORTION! (kill thy kids)

HOMOSEXUALITY! (kill thy anus)

IDOLATRY! (kill thy soul)


Aliens from the Abyss (to kill YOU)


YOU and I are but a teeny-weeny-puffOsmoke:

'Out! Out! Brief candle!!'  (Shakespeare) -

our existence ebbs-out her lil day. Out

of time. Eternity dawns. Alas! The most

pressing question is: to what literal end

are our moral choices taking U.S. at the

Finish Line when we mortals must

stand before our God? the Final Accounting

is all that's paramount, fellow sinners:

Will I spend eternity in escatic fantasy,

endless love I was created to receive??

Or in a never-ending-execution for

Msr. Norman Conquest:





of  the BEAST, America!

Why? ~IF~ you accept the

Mark on your hand or

forhead, how can you escape

damnation?? Didnt

YOU pick the LEFT path

outta your own free will,

disregarding the mandates

set-forth by your Maker?

YOU chose the nefarious world

leaving-out the endless infinity

with Psycadelic Altruism,

thinking you're somehow

better than Almighty God!!

So dont diss Jesus, bro,

in this existence finite.


our lit .45-caliber-blogOramma

tellsya how if you dont

skip o'er like a stone

fading into the pond

never to be seen again!


PS: Irrespective of what you believe, humanity, every mortal human has their Divine Destiny due to free will: Heaven or Hell (or Purgatory which is ending in the bombastically bodacious Great Beyond).

Thus, the choice is quite obvious: God created the L-I-A-R to show U.S. the Way Upstairs. Saint Thomas Aquinas sed, 'Nil hoc Verbo veritatis verius' (Latin: nothing could be more True than the Word of Truth). And the Truth is the Don.

For those who cannot or dont wanna 'read-between-the-lines', Joe's simply a puppet who dances on a string controlled by the deep state; soon, I suspect, plastic GIJoe shall be done away with as all the 'useless eaters' who arent of any consequence to the elite.

'Though you spin the truth, Rachael, there's Only One Truth'. Apparently, you have never heard of an axiom: she's a lesbian, thus, they dont know the Truth, thus, how can we trust her?

God Bless You.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Secret of Ascension?
Take the Red Pill:

(When I 'died' in '85
[Google: 'NDE experiences'],
I ascended, actually saw 
Seventh-Heaven's huge castle
yet wasnt allowed in. Grrr.
God was XXX-tremely nice
to this poor, mortal sinner:
you know XXX-actly what I
did with my spare time...)

'the more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
 -the Infant Jesus of Prague,
  Czech Republic (I’m haff-Czech)
A lotta youse still dont know
what that means exactly - a 
lotta peepow 'say' just that:
Oh, yeah! I love God!!!
and go on risking their lives,
never connecting the dots.
We cannot be fence sitters:
no sex before marriage.
(which is simply repulsive:
the anus is for pooping only)
No! bloody! abortion!!!
Q: why do I say what we all
have come to believe is
normal activity now??
A: we DO NOT
believe as a nation now
anything is wrong withat...
till we croak. So, hmmm, why
not warn'm before and
save summore! souls??

Q: how do you get
God into your heart
Who'll bless your-socks-off
and influence U.S. to
think about our eternity
rather than the whorizontal
which's vibrantly temporal?
A: kneel at the side
of your bed at night
(or whenever)
and ask Jesus.
Yes, it's that easy.
God bless you.

   ...besides, peepow, unless
   you're married to ONE man+
   ONE woman, true as the north
   star, Jesus is soon coming
   back so it wouldnt be a very
   wise ideato put condumb NOW.
   Why? Follow our logic:
FIRST: we're mortals.
SECOND: we'll perish.
THIRD: we gotta stand in fronta
Jesus someday who'll tella youse
'Your finite existence? Is over.
Done. Kaput. Whot YOU yourself
have accomplished on earth will
be judged. Ready?' (wearing a
condumb is also a mortal sin:
it blocks your semen at times
from making her pregnant, letting
YOU be the sole god and judge)
See TroubledYouth for
more info, miss...
Almighty God tells the Truth;
filthy, ol Lucifer
LIES, LIES, LIES like a rug.
Make Your Choice -SAW
-> Not one soul will perish
who puts their trust in Me <-

Yay!!! Im a LOSERRR!!!
Puh-ray-zuh Gawwd!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Would U puh-leeze help a plethora of King Size, wildchild, raw!kuss wurdz which are lookin 4 a home in thy novelty?? Thx. Whew. They're pretty insane, they're bereft of reason, they're the leftover fragments-of-futility in the frigge, stunningly studded with far-out-mold.

Gotta lotta gobba shrewd, surreal, supersonic, subtle slew of sardonic satires, sassy N savvy elixers N electronic elegance on our YOUTHwitheTRUTH blogs. Wannum? Have'm. N'joy'm, miss coffee. Egad! Gett'm outta my hair!!!

How mucha wanna betcha our irrational, industrial, hot-shot, fuse-blowin-exploits R a copious madhouse of one, lavish bookay? Our proFUSE NRGod who leads U.S. to explosive fairy-tales in the 'one-stop-shop' symphony Upstairs? God's the BigDude, the Owner of ElysianFields, the Grand Prize, the Austere Overdrive, NoPurchaseNecessary: our bombastic tenaCITY on a Hill which'll plant the Seeds 4u2 grow-up to new N greater heights!! Mama mia! Thatsa good pasta!!

CAUTION: our 22ish, avant-guard, accurately-atrocious, metal-breadcrumm-fabulishousishness R so bloody out-of-order, toots, they're an intimate wealth of bottomless sophistication. Shhh... but dat juss da fak, Jak. Go ahead. Sue me. Yawn. But, yet, here's the perennial, childlike KOOKOO D'TAH: who else has actually SEEN the Great Beyond in spirit & lived to tella youse bout the bionic, bloated, brevity-like-earth we're living on?? Yes, earthling, I'm a NDE: gain altitude, never attitude: death has no favorites.

However, howja like to RITE
999×999×999×999×999×999×999×999... oemnillion
(<- 000 lower than infinity),
I N S A N E!!!
novels in Seventh-Heaven with moi in a
quaint, King-Size-Library that has
alla the explosive, exhilarating
exploration AND! expectation?
Exquisite, exponentially explicit?
withe wildchild, goofy extras
at break-neck-speed for the
length, breadth, width of exquisite,
Life-Size E T E R N I T Y, girl ..???

What's more: sHe's an ultra-great-reward, and not everyone enters the Wedding Feast, Q: why is it an excruciating deluge of epic-.357-caliber where the quality's a limitless bulldozer plowin, pushin-your-power-cord with eternal goodies? A: the Prize-A+-TheEnd just gives U.S. moe-curly-graphix 2 VitSee: an explosion-of-extravagance which few R asking 4 anymore! Grrr. They're too concerned withe grotesque sanity of ambivilant, whorizontal piss-ants which swiftly crawl like lemmings to their scorecard destruction. C'est la guerre.

So break-free, earthling; be like a contraversial outgrowth of incredibly-intoxicating-effusiveness in your zeitgeist of Divine Deviation: wiseabove. Wanna join this useFULL idiot Upstairs 4 the most zany, kooky, X-acto-knife antidotes? Extremely exquisite, explicit endorphins in abundance? Puh-lenty of pulverizingly-tantalizing psychopathic psychosomatics with eXtras? i2i-kick-velocity's-ass-ultra-maximum-rocket-fuel-party-hardy at my pad ya ever encountered without d'New Joisey accent 4 an eternal slew of precarious, magnanimous & primeval absurdities indelibly etched in the granite corridors of eternity with a total-barrage-of-crazy-good, melt-in-thy-mouth 'depth-of-undenial'???
here's a gobba-lotta-neon-waffles:

Dominus Vobiscum
(Latin: peace BWU)

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

No God? No peace.
Know God? Know peace.
I totally guarantee:
you will die, too:

God Almighty made U.S.
Doesnt matter if you're a proud
atheist which ends at your demise.
Matthew 6:33
Almighty God aint.
Neither is Satan,
the bloody LIAR
who, like a Persian rug,
lies in wait like a camo tiger
telling U.S. he doesnt exist,
when the left actually does:
murder, propaganda, lies.
<- instantaneous,
'hors-d'oeuvre' manure
with a lil oui, oui.

'The less you seek the
world's favour, the
greater you will become
in the Kingdom of Heaven'

'Not one soul will perish
who puts their trust in Me'


Most atheists are quite intelligent, too,
though very ignorant without a NDE
which I myself had during our trauma;
thus, when Almighty God created U.S.
sHe formed each one to be indelible:

Bill Gates explains why 90% must perish

I'd be saving souls NOW before the
Rapture which'll happen quite soon
by directing them to my worthless-
.45-calibre-URLs which are the catalyst
for dunno how many.
Puh-ray-zuh Gawwd!
<- precisely why God
doesnt allow certain
humans into Heaven
UNLESS they repent.
Do I? Yes! Divine Mercy
prayer at 3pm everyday
(doesnt matter what time -
all that matters is you say
it each day).

'Life you may evade,
but death you shall not'
-T.S. Eliot

God sed One, Fine Day when
the universe was cleanNyoung,
Yo! S'up? I AM!!
I believe I'll make
human beinz and
give'm free will:
'saving souls from
Hellfire should be
your primary objective'
(...which I actually
heard on July 10, 17)

Many won't lissen
to a DudlyDoRight
who spells odd, too:

only for those who wanna save souls:
the 'elite' [= still mortal humanity]
never vaccinate their children. Why?
They're too afraid of side effects...
but, yet, them dumb, useless eaters do!
Shure! they say. We wanna wipeMout!!
(see the 'Georgia Guidestones'):

Guess Im a LOSERRR now:
This is for you, Satan!