Friday, March 12, 2021

Heaven is only the Beginning of your eternal Life... Believe in Your Dre...

If you have moolah left each month, don’t think of how you can become greedy;
rather, all that matters is YOU! thot of the poor. YOU! thot of their needs before
your own. YOU! shall be richly rewarded in eternal Seventh-Heaven. Doesn’t
matter the amount: YOU! responded with compassion. sHe has centillions (10x303)
of treasures waiting in the known universe ...which is simply a mortal number.
Infinity awaits thee, O wealthy queen of mine heart!

So donating will get you gobbsa ‘points’ (soda speak <- fab name for a coffee shop:
sHe thota that, transferred to me, we bestowed it upon humanity, Mrs. Symbiosis)
added to your judgement in favour when you croak:

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