Monday, April 22, 2019

Secret of Ascension?
Take the Red Pill:

(When I 'died' in '85
[Google: 'NDE experiences'],
I ascended, actually saw 
Seventh-Heaven's huge castle
yet wasnt allowed in. Grrr.
God was XXX-tremely nice
to this poor, mortal sinner:
you know XXX-actly what I
did with my spare time...)

'the more you shall honor Me,
the more I shall bless you'
 -the Infant Jesus of Prague,
  Czech Republic
A lotta youse still dont know
what that means exactly - a 
lotta peepow 'say' just that:
Oh, yeah! I love God!!!
and go on risking their lives,
never connecting the dots.
We cannot be fence sitters:
no sex before marriage.
(which is simply repulsive:
the anus is for pooping only)
No! bloody! abortion!!!
Q: why do I say what we all
have come to believe is
normal activity now??
A: we DO NOT
believe as a nation now
anything is wrong withat...
till we croak. So, hmmm, why
not warn'm before and
save summore! souls??

Q: how do you get
God into your heart
Who'll bless your-socks-off
and influence U.S. to
think about our eternity
rather than the whorizontal
which's vibrantly temporal?
A: kneel at the side
of your bed at night
(or whenever)
and ask Jesus.
Yes, it's that easy.
God bless you.

   ...besides, peepow, unless
   you're married to ONE man+
   ONE woman, true as the north
   star, Jesus is soon coming
   back so it wouldnt be a very
   wise ideato put condumb NOW.
   Why? Follow our logic:
FIRST: we're mortals.
SECOND: we'll perish.
THIRD: we gotta stand in fronta
Jesus someday who'll tella youse
'Your finite existence? Is over.
Done. Kaput. Whot YOU yourself
have accomplished on earth will
be judged. Ready?' (wearing a
condumb is also a mortal sin:
it blocks your semen at times
from making her pregnant, letting
YOU be the sole god and judge)
See TroubledYouth for
more info, miss...
Almighty God tells the Truth;
filthy, ol Lucifer
LIES, LIES, LIES like a rug.
Make Your Choice -SAW
-> Not one soul will perish
who puts their trust in Me <-

Yay!!! Im a LOSERRR!!!
Puh-ray-zuh Gawwd!!!

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